• round and square frame midorie design with pafcal, vertical plant wall, fridge magnet with plant

    Midorie Singapore

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Midorie Singapore

Pafcal パフカル - Soillessly Effective, Clean and Convenient

Pafcal Vertical Green Wall "Mori no Kabe 森の壁"

Outdoor Greening Panel "TsuruPower ツルパワー"

Benefits of Pafcal

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How to transfer your plants to Pafcal

"I bought 3 self watering pots with the plants at Isetan Scotts popup store and the lady promoter at the counter was really nice, knowledgeable and patient to my indecisiveness! Thanks for the good service and looking forward to seeing my plants grow happily and healthily!"

- Apple Koh (Singapore) via Google Review

"Pafcal has proven to be an excellent propagation media and saviour of my plants with root rot. It's been particularly good for stabilizing sensitive plants like Alocasia, and rooting all sorts of Philodendrons like Micans, Brasils, Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma, and Anthuriums. I was initially sceptical, but so far, the results of my plants are very promising. Particularly with the stunning rise of the Alocasia Azlanii, which was losing leaf after leaf after purchasing, and nothing I did helped till I switched to Pafcal. The most amazing leaf emerged in a month!"

- Angie Featherstone (Singapore) via Google Review

"Glad to have found this soil-less way of incorporating plants at home! No insects and low maintenance. 👍🏻"

- Audrey Ng (Singapore) via Google Review

"I was looking around for indoor plants. Was surprised to see they have a soilless feature. No more dirty finger nails, no more spilled soil on the floor, thinking if should use vacuum or sweep it up, no more loosening of soil every other day. They even have different sizes for different plants! Could be the next thing for plants. 👍"

Weng Kin Ho (Singapore) via Google Review

"Bought them as gifts for my friends and clients. They love them so much as the items are soiless. No insects.

I'll be getting more from you guys from Midorie Singapore soon! 😊"

Milson Ng (Singapore) via Google Review