Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Pafcal & Plant Care

Have you recently purchased your plants in Pafcal or wish to understand the usage process prior to purchasing? Here are the top frequently asked questions we've gathered over time, and we hope they will address some of your queries.

How often do I need to water the plant and Pafcal?

Pafcal is best left soft and slightly moist to the touch. Depending on the plant species and the placing environment, we suggest watering once every 3-5 days, before the Pafcal hardens. Care Instructions will be provided with every purchase.

Can I soak the Pafcal in water?

Pafcal works like a sponge. Please do not soak it in water as this will damage the plant roots. A moist (to touch) instead of a soaked Pafcal presents the best condition for plant growth.

What is Pafcal made of? Is it toxic to humans?

Pafcal is developed by a joint venture of Toyota and Suntory Japan. It contains the byproduct of Suntory’s beverage manufacturing process and is non-toxic to humans.

How long does Pafcal last?

The lifespan of a Pafcal is approximately 10 years. Pafcal is an eco-green material, which is recyclable and reusable. Therefore, you will be able to reuse the same Pafcal to grow new plants.

How light is Pafcal compared to soil?

Pafcal is sold to you dry and compact, so that shipping/storage cost is reduced. Once Pafcal is filled up with water, it would still be twice lighter than soil.

When do I need to fertilize the plant?

All the plant products retailing on our website do not require fertilizers as Pafcal is nutritious and healthy for the plants. However, if you wish to see your plant grow at a faster speed, you may use a sparing amount of water-based fertilizer once every month, but take note not to overdo it!

My pot is too big for my plant rooted in Pafcal. What should I do?

Our Pafcal comes in 3 different sizes. Be sure to choose your preferred size before you purchase, considering that the Pafcal will expand by 1 to 2 cm when it is wet. Alternatively, you may purchase our Pafcal chips which can be used to fill up the remaining space in your pot.

Are the plants available on your website suitable for home living area?

Definitely a YES! Our plants are suitable to be placed indoors with sufficient lighting either from indirect sunlight or fluorescent lights. In fact, some of these plants are known for their air-purifying properties!

Why does my plant appear different from the pictures shown in your website?

Plants are living things and just like us, no 2 plants are alike. At Midorie, we will always choose the healthiest and best looking plant(s) for you. Our plant(s) will also be cleaned and dusted thoroughly prior to delivery to you.

What should I do if my plant looks dull?

If the leaves are faded or turned yellowish, insufficient lighting may be one of the causes, depending on the type of plants. Trim the dead leaves or yellowish leaves, and relocate the plants to a place with brighter lighting. It is also possible that you may have over- or under-watered it. Please ensure to keep the Pafcal moist to the touch, but not too wet.

Can I grow edible plants i.e. vegetables and herbs using Pafcal?

Our Pafcal is not suitable to grow edible plants, as we have not obtained any local food-safe certification. Moreover, our farmers may have added some non-food safe fertilizers in the nurseries prior to shipping to Singapore, hence it is not advisable to grow food plants using our Pafcal.

Will there be any transplant shock?

As with all plants, there may be transplant shock when repotting to a new growing medium. However it has been tried and tested on many different types of plants (by ourselves and our customers), and with the right environment and care, the plants will grow well in Pafcal.

Is it safe to put my plants in the bedroom, given that plants emit CO2 at night?

Plants do emit CO2 as a reverse response to photosynthesis, but to put things in perspective, humans and pets produce far more CO2 than plants do! If having small amount of plants in bedroom is harmful, then one should also forget about camping in a jungle at night!

I see white, salt-like matters on the top part of my Pafcal/Pafcal Chips. What are they? Are they signs of deterioration?

These white particles are mineral salts that surfaces from the bottom, if you regularly use unfiltered tap water. Tap water contains impurities like chlorine, minerals, and rusts, and as a result of water evaporation the residue stays. It is not a sign of sign of deterioration.

 Midorie Singapore Mineral Salt Pafcal

Here're your options:

  • Pick them up periodically using your fingers
  • Brush lightly using a soft toothbrush to easily remove them
  • Use only chlorine-free filtered water
Midorie Singapore partners with Nanos Water's true chlorine-free technology for your entire family (and your pafcal-ed plants!) at a wonderful price of $2/day. Quote 'Midorie Singapore' to receive first month free subscription on us! Benefit of subscription: no hefty purchase cost + hassle-free maintenance. Prompt on-site filters replacement every 4 months. Chlorine n PH tests inclusive to reassure you of the water quality. Auto upgrade to new set system every 5 years. #SupportLocal

Nanos Water Partners Midorie Singapore


Where do you deliver?

Unfortunately, we deliver to Singapore addresses only. All purchases will be shipped from Midorie Studio: 194 Pandan Loop, #06-24, Singapore 128383. Items will be dispatched within 5 working days from the date of order, unless otherwise notified.

For overseas orders, please email us at and we will assist to link you up with your local Midorie distributor(s).

What are your shipping rates?

Below $100

  • $4 flat fee for orders without plants (e.g. Pafcal and accessories). Tracking available.
  • $12 flat fee for orders with plants
  • Free local pick up at Midorie Studio or Queenstown MRT Station Exit B

$100 and above

  • Free islandwide shipping


Exchange & Refund Policy

I have changed my mind. Can I cancel my order and request for a refund?

Once an order has been placed, payment is non-refundable. If you have changed your mind and would like to request for an exchange for a product of a similar value, please email us at Requests will be considered on a case by case basis.

My order arrived damaged. What should I do?

Our plants are delivered to you at their optimum condition. If your plants arrived damaged due to courier mishandling, please take a photo and email us at within 24 hours of receiving your order, and we will work out a replacement or refund for you.