Pafcal Chips - Soilless Growing Media

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Midorie’s Pafcal chip is a highly versatile soilless media and can be used to fill empty spaces not covered by fixed-shape Pafcal. It can also be used standalone, or blended into powder to form the base of your favorite terrarium! Pafcal absorbs a lot more moisture than your natural plant media.

How to use?

Use with Regular Pafcal:
Place your plant in regular pafcal(s) into a pot and fill the sides with fresh dry Pafcal Chips. Next, pour in some water equivalent to about 20% of the height of your pot and let these sponges work their magic and absorb in 100% of the water!

Pafcal chips-only:
Fill up your pot with Pafcal Chips. Insert seeds or rooted cuttings, and fill it up with some water equivalent to about 20% of the height of your pot. Keep it wet if you're germinating seeds, otherwise you'd only need to keep it slightly damp.


  • Do not mix with soil; it works best alone or with other non-soil media such as leca or pumice.

 Other Pafcal Chip Options (Email/Call us to order):

  • 10KG Carton (Buy 3 or more for wholesale price)
  • 200g/400g Pafcal Powder (great for terrariums!)