Pafcal: The Soilless Growing Media from Japan

PAFCAL is an organic soilless growing media invented by Toyota Suntory Company of Japan. This technology makes it easy, clean and convenient for those with busy schedules.

Facts about Pafcal:

  • Technology developed by Suntory Japan
  • Sponge-like material made to resemble peat soil
  • Capable of growing all kinds of plants
  • Not recommended to grow food plants (as we have yet to be certified food safe) - This is still in the works! 


Soil Free . Fuss Free

Pafcal is the lightest among the soil substitutes, hence is widely used in vertical gardening.

It is not only suitable for outdoor use but also an easy and accessible planting material for houseplants due to its clean and hygienic characteristics.

Benefits of Pafcal:

Pafcal uses:


Indoor Plants        Vertical Green Wall      Landscaping


3 Simple Steps To Use Pafcal To Grow Your Houseplant:

 Dip the Pafcal in water for approximately one minute till it is soft   and partially absorbed with water. Do not soak for too long!







Insert the stems/seeds into Pafcal. For transplanting, you can customise the design of your plant.







 Water the Pafcal whenever you find it getting dry. Keep calm   and observe the growth of your plant.








Types of Pafcal

1. Pafcal (Block)

Pafcal Singapore

Pafcal Singapore

2. Pafcal Chip

Pafcal Chip in Singapore

3. Pafcal Square (Pre-order only)
Pafcal Square (2 sizes)
Pafcal square Singapore