TsuruPower Creeper Plant Panel - Neglect & Thrive Green System - Now in Singapore!

Tsurupower is a revolutionary external facade greenification product developed by Daito Techno Green, Inc of Japan. It focuses on outdoor wall greening and beautification of buildings. The production of TsuruPower in Japan is limited as material requires highly skilled craftmanship, resulting in only 80 m2 of production per work day. As such, Midorie is the only licensed distributor overseas, including Singapore. The visual below shows the rapid adoption of TsuruPower in Japan, and the extent to which our built environment can become truly green with no worries about running costs.
The rising trend of outdoor wall greenification using TsuruPower in Japan

The rising trend of outdoor wall greenification using TsuruPower in Japan

TsuruPower Panel is mainly used for outdoor wall greening, as the support system for outdoor climbing plants which are suitable for external building greenification.
  • Low cost of external facade beautification
  • Reduces high maintenance cost typically associated with green walls in built environment
  • Accelerates environmental greening goal
  • Prevents wall or structural damage caused by roots of climbing plants
  • Reduces both atmospheric heat surrounding the building and inside the building.


Figure: Scientific data shows that TsuruPower technology managed to significantly reduce the internal temperature of buildings.

Figure: Scientific data shows that TsuruPower technology managed to significantly reduce the internal temperature of buildings.


  • High quality, withstands storms/heavy rains
  • Core material is natural, pure coconut fibre (fibre retains good amount of moisture for plant roots to absorb)
  • Easily mounted on buildings because of its light weight
  • Fire resistant
TsuruPower Midorie SingaporeBlue trumpet plant on Midorie TsuruPower Panel
Left: TsuruPower panel in Japan
Right: Blue trumpet plant on TsuruPower Panel
Cat claw plant on Midorie TsuruPower panelHedera helix on TsuruPower Midorie panel in Singapore
Cat claw plant (left) and Hedera Helix (right) as suitable plant species for TsuruPower panels

With complexity removed, precious resources can be saved - both pre- and post-installation. The uniqueness of TsuruPower is that, from the engineering point of view, the panels are mounted on the wall's surface, without the need for unnecessary planning or alteration works. The long-term running cost is also minimized, as in most cases there's no need for frequent maintenance.
With TsuruPower, the best of both worlds can be achieved; both the builder and building operator (typically separate group of people) can achieve cost savings while achieving effective greenification. 


TsuruPower Building Facade ATsuruPower Building Facade BTsuruPower Building Facade C

^ Nagoya City Chikusa Cultural Mini Theatre (Nagoya, Aichi, Japan)



TsuruPower can be installed anywhere that is fully-exposed to natural elements (i.e. rain and sunlight), in places such as building facade, fences, parks, viaduct beams, side-wall of tunnel ramps, mass transit station outdoor area, bus stops, pedestrian walkway shelters, and lots of other possibilities.


TsuruPower on Building Facades:

TsuruPower Japan Building

^ fully grown system. Imagine a cool building interior, as well as a quieter street as shrubs absorb a certain level of ambient noise.

TsuruPower Japan Building Facade

TsuruPower Japan Building Facade B

TsuruPower Building Facade C

TsuruPower Building Facade D

^ newly installed panel. A typical time period for a fully-grown TsuruPower panel is about 1-2 years in Japan, and is estimated to be half the time for South East Asia climate such as Singapore's.


TsuruPower on Land Transport Infrastructures:

TsuruPower Japan Expressway Sidewall

^ Sidewall of arterial roads/expressways

TsuruPower Japan Road

Perimeter wall of railroad infrastructure/rural roads

TsuruPower for Recreational Areas

TsuruPower Japan Fence

^ installed at a park after 12 months. Take note of the next 2 photos, showing before and after installation.

TsuruPower Panel in a park

^ used to look bare.

 TsuruPower Panel in Park

^ Newly installed panel. The above 3 photos show the same location.


TsuruPower at a riverfront park

TsuruPower Building Facade E

TsuruPower Riverfront Japan

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