Midorie's Forest Wall (森の壁 "Mori No Kabe")

Mori No Kabe by Midorie Singapore


Greenery in an urban environment is often much neglected due to the perceived hassle and cost of maintaining them. Worries of bugs, insects and general cleanliness almost always halt the idea of adoption.

These issues are common among soil-based system, where there may be soil stains around the green wall area, soil erosion causing pipe blockage and mosquito breeding, odour, and more.

Midorie's vertical green wall system "Mori No Kabe" (森の壁), or Forest Wall in English, uses revolutionary technology developed by a joint venture between Toyota Motors and Suntory of Japan. This innovative technology is called Pafcal, a soilless plant media in the form of sponge, which allows plants to grow and thrive extremely well due to its consistent air & water ratio, unlike any other soil media. Plants not only survive, they thrive well.

Comparison between soil-based green wall versus Midorie's Mori No Kabe system:

high quality green wall singapore

high quality green wall singapore

Lush greens that last a long time, and it's truly clean without soil!

An example of a 'bald' soil-based green wall in Singapore.

Soil-based green wall in Singapore over a period of time.


Here are the highlights of Midorie's Mori No Kabe vertical green wall system:

  • Highest quality green wall for a good reputation of robust maintenance regime
  • 100% Soilless - Extremely clean and hassle-free
  • Leak Proof
  • Odourless
  • Ambient Noise Reduction
  • Organic and biodegradable material
  • Half of weight of soil
  • Cost-savings (very low maintenance)
  • 100% Movable - Yes, use the same materials at your new place! 
  • Many other benefits!

Midorie's green wall is made up of carefully selected plant species, orchestrated into beautiful arrangements for your urban living or working space. The state-of-the-art system behind it supports various functions, such as irrigation with auto timer, giving users full assurance of a hassle-free and peace of mind.

No worries, only enjoyment!


Highest Level of Visual Experience

Buildings made out of concretes and bricks are no longer dull anymore, green wall can be installed and decorated to enhance the outlook of the buildings.

Efficient Watering System

Midorie's Green Wall can conserve about 3 times as much water and manpower as compared to other vertical gardens. This is achieved through the use of automated water irrigation and drainage system only once every 4-7 days, as Pafcal has a unique property where water and air distribute evenly to keep your plants healthy.

Being a sponge, it has the capability to absorb 100% of residual water, so there will be zero chance of mosquito breeding!

For Places Where Cleanliness Is Top Priority

As we use Pafcal - our soilless growing media for our green wall system, you will be unlikely to encounter any cleanliness and replenishment issue that usually occur with traditional soil. This makes the green wall an optimal solution for hospitals, hair salon, restaurants, shopping malls, homes, and other areas where sanitation and cleanliness are a top priority.

Easy Maintenance

Midorie Green Wall is integrated with automated water recycling system. No human intervention involved in the water reuse process. Labor cost is reduced in the long run.

There is also an option to connect the water source and drainage directly to the system.

System Setup Options

We have a variety of system setup for you to choose from:

Option 1: Built-in Cabinet (to hide the water tanks)

Option 2: Full Height Green Wall (uses direct piping from water source to drainage)

Option 3: Drill-less Steel Structure (to circumvent MCST ruling on balcony wall as an external facade)

Option 4: Standalone Green Wall (where there's no hard wall to lean on, we'll install steel beam to act as support)

Plant Designs

Our green wall designs are not only fully customizable, but also changeable periodically as you like, such as during festive periods or whenever you want a refreshing change. Unlike soil-based green walls where plants are deeply rooted and fixed, Midorie's Forest Wall allows you the freedom to rearrange your plants to form a new pattern using mostly the old plants, thanks to our revolutionary Pafcal sponge technology.

Free-style design (below) gives the vibe of a natural forest, having plants of different species placed at seemingly random slots (but they are actually meticulously planned prior to installation). This design is best suited for cafes, restaurants, office pantry, large common areas such as building lobby, external facade and more.

The Stripe Design (below) provides an illusion of straight-line comfort, an inspiring neatness, and a sense of harmony. This design is best suited for office work desk area, reception area holding your brand's logo, common corridor leading to rooms/other areas (as stripe design provides a sense of spaciousness in potentially claustrophobic spaces), and any space that requires a sense of space, harmony or precision.

The Geometry Design (Below) provides a positive vibe of abstract art, which usually attracts more attention and time spent appreciating this design. It is best suited for places where you wish people would slow down their pace, such as a shopping mall, hotels, art museum, high end restaurants, car showrooms, condominium showflats, and even homes.

The Wave Design (below) exudes a true sense of space, mimicking mountainous scenery in its most natural form - plants. This design is simply breathtaking and calming, especially if it is a large one. Suitable for most places, indoor or outdoor.


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*The Introductory Pack contains a Large Pafcal with adult plants (pre-rooted) and an elegant pot.