About Midorie Singapore

Midorie is a green technology brand co-owned by Toyota and Suntory of Japan. Its core technology Pafcal is an innovative new material which solves the problems often associated with conventional greening using soil.

Midorie Singapore

About Midorie Singapore

Midorie Singapore, wholly owned by Cultivar Asia Pte Ltd, is an official importer and distributor of Toyota Suntory Midorie products in Singapore, alongside Southeast Asia distributors such as Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and The Philippines. Started in late 2018, Midorie Singapore has found its way into the Singaporean market, navigating through its diverse demographics to cater to people who value cleanliness, convenience, and ease of care for all their plants.

We have a vision to 'save the world' by achieving the following goals:

1. One person one plant - if all 5.6 million residents in Singapore adopt a plant each, it'll be enough to mimic a large forest, giving us cooler and cleaner air. It'll also lessen the impact of deforestation in a small city like ours.

2. Use only soilless media - Using soilless media in an indoor environment is clean, but do you know it can also bring benefits to nature? By doing so, natural soil will remain where they are, where they are supposed to be, and not extracted and transported to in your potted plants. Let our mother earth be intact and healthy.

In Singapore, Midorie has successfully worked on several green wall installations, and our retail presence is expanding due to strong market demand.

We're constantly looking for partners in Architectural and Retail trade to expand the Singapore market together. Interested parties are welcome to send us an web enquiry to discuss business opportunities.