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Entering The Era Of Soil-Free Planting

The trend of soil-free cultivation is now growing rapidly in many countries especially in dense urban areas where space is limited. 

Pafcal is our chosen innovative soil-less gardening media for our customized potted houseplant. Growing your houseplant without soil has never been easier!

The Natural Air Purifier That Anyone Can Afford

Modern homes are often exposed to all sorts of insidious toxins, such as formaldehyde (from carpets, plywood, flatpack furniture and insulation materials); benzene (from particleboard and some paints); propanol (cleaning products); and dichloromethane (paint thinners and strippers). These health hazards may cause mild eye, nose and throat irritations or even leading to more serious conditions.

Midorie’s potted houseplants are excellent and affordable air purifiers which can filter out these harmful substances.

Unique Designs For Your Houseplant

At Midorie, we offer unique accessories and designs that suit either your home or working space. You can choose from potted houseplants to custom-made ones to frame them on the wall!

Unlike traditional houseplant gardening, our plants that grow with Pafcal require only minimal care when it comes to watering, fertilizing, as well as pest control. Ready to add some green to your life with Pafcal?

Corporate Gifts

Companies looking to purchase green gifts for their employees may reach out to us directly for special product and exclusive prices. Green gifts symbolize affection, strength, empathy and reciprocity. Research has shown that having plants at your working space can assist in improving your mood, and boosts productivity.

Our plants are grown in Pafcal sponge - our soilless technology which allows the plant to retain water for a longer period of time - can last 3-7 days* between watering intervals, hence there's no cause for concern during weekend breaks.

*most plant types, but depends on humidity of environment.

We offer creative packaging designs for bulk orders, and can be customized to include personalized messages, ribbons, and materials.