Midorie Round Frame (Frame & Pafcal Only)

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Midorie Round Frame is a round-shaped variation of the Square Frame and is smaller in size than the latter. Despite its circular design, it is able to stand vertically upright on a flat surface such as a work desk, dining table, TV console, and so on. It can also be laid down flat.

We have in stock a few variations, as follow:

  • White
  • Red
  • Brown
  • Natural Wood
  • Dark Wood


All Midorie Round Frame package comes with:

  1. Round frame unit with Pafcal Sponge
  2. S-Size Plants X3 units
  3. Plastic wrapping
  4. Optional Complimentary Gift Ribbon


  • This variant comes without plant. For product bundle with plants, choose from another menu item, where every plant arrangement is unique.
  • Purchaser of Round Frame without plants will be given complimentary 3 pieces of S Pafcal filled into all the slots.

Types of plants are subject to availability, and will differ from the marketing images found in this website.