Midorie Square Frame • Black 5-Plant (SN: #0518)

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Midorie Square Frame is a square-shaped variation of the Round Frame and is larger in size than the latter. The product can be made to stand vertically upright on a flat surface such as a work desk, dining table, TV console, and so on. It can also be laid down flat and be admired as a miniature garden.

Love plants at home? Start off with state-of-the-art planter box frame that can be hung on the wall or placed on your work desk like a photo frame. Enjoy a refreshing sight in your urban space with this product!

Consist of:

  1. Square frame unit with Pafcal Sponge
  2. S-Size Plants X5 units - select your choice of plants OR leave it to us to arrange.
  3. Complimentary Wrapping (Upon Request)


  • Plant arrangement can be customised with the plants of your choice, subject to availability (message us for customisation!)

Plants and Frame will be cleaned and dusted once more prior to delivery/handover to customer.