Sansevieria (Mother-in-law's tongue) in Earth Series Pot

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Family Name: Asparagaceae 

Common Name: Snake Plant 



• Easy care and low maintenance 

• Air-purifying proven by NASA (absorb excessive carbon monoxide) 

• Releases oxygen to surrounding and reduce airborne allergens 

• Highlights: Darker green leaves with gold edging 


Maintenance Requirements:

• Bright light in indoor and outdoor 

• Watering once a week (do not overwater as excessive water will cause plant to rot) 

Remark: Recommended to water when Pafcal is getting dry


Price Included:

1 x Plant in M size Pafcal + Pafcal Chip stuffing

1 x Pot


About the pot:

Height: 10cm

Opening diameter: 10.3cm

Base diameter: 7.7cm

3 colours available: Pale Coral, Sandstone and Ibis White