[SALE] Bell-shaped Soilless Terrarium

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Love the terrarium concept but not the mess it sometimes creates when you spill?

Introducing Midorie's very own soilless terrarium using micro Pafcal bits. Giving you the best of both worlds, the pafcal bits' excellent water retention and strong absorbancy properties keeps your terrarium drier than soil-based cousins (minus the mess) and at the same time keeping your plants hydrated for a longer period of time!

Think clean, think Pafcal.

Terrarium's Content:

  • Fittonia Red and Green
  • Live moss (large)
  • Pebbles at base
  • 2-piece glassware - Bottom bowl and top bell-shaped cover
  • Pafcal micro bits + pafcal powder

Comes with a box and a carrier. Opt for Midorie standard giftbox for free with any purchase.

Update: 10 units of pre-order stocks are completely sold out!
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