[SALE] Ficus Lyrata Bambino (M) in Trello Pot

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Fashionable and a beautiful addition to your space.

Your fiddle leaf fig thrive well in bright and airy but shaded indoor area (ie near - not AT - windows). It hates to wear wet socks especially overnight. Hence, your pafcal should be just nice - damp to the touch and not wet or soaked. Never, never allow its pafcal to dry off completely - leafs may start to drop.

Family Name: Moraceae 

Common Name: Fiddle-leaf fig

Origin: Western Africa


• Helps to eliminate dust and controls humidity

• Purifies and cleaning air of allergens 

• Aesthetically appealing 

Maintenance Requirements:

  • Prefers bright indirect light 
  • Water every 3-4 days, or whenever Pafcal is getting dry
  • Clean and wipe the leaves occasionally 

Trello Pot: 11cm (W) by 11cm (H)
Plant in Pafcal: 11cm (W) x 25cm* (H) Height of plant varies*

Price Included:

1 x S size Pafcal

1 x M size Pafcal

1 x Plant

1 x Pot (fits M pafcal)