Ficus Elastica Burgundy “Rubber Plant” (Plant-only in M Pafcal)

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Family Name: Moraceae 

Common Names: Rubber Plant 

Origin: South Asia 



• Air-purifying proven by NASA (removes formaldehyde)

• Easy to take care and low maintenance 

• Highlights: Shiny glossy dark leaves 


Maintenance Requirements:

• Medium to bright indirect light 

• Watering every once a week

• Clean the leaves using cloth to keep them glossy 

Remark: Recommended to water when Pafcal is getting dry


Price Included:

1 x M size Pafcal

1 x Plant


Further reading:

Ficus Elastica Burgundy is originated from the North Eastern part of India as well as surrounding regions. It is also known as ‘Rubber Plant’ due to its sticky latex sap. 

As shown in the graphic below, Ficus Elastica enjoys moderate to bright indirect sunlight, and this plants will do its best at such location. The Ficus Elastica’s deep purple and green leaves have a waxy coat that provides a beautiful glossy sheen.

Their new growth often also exhibits shades of pink within their veins, making this a colorful, yet elegant plant. 

With proper lighting and watering provisions, this wonderful rubber plant will double its size within about a year!

Grab your soilless Rubber Plant today!