Podocarpus Macrophyllus "Buddhist Pine" in Glass Pot (M)

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Plant + Pot Bundle

Family Name: Podocarpaceae 

Common Name: Japanese Yew / Buddhist Pine

Origin: Southern China, Japan


• Air purification

• Tolerate wide range of temperature 

• Provide elegant view in space 

Maintenance Requirements:


• Best in bright indirect light

• Water every 3-4 days, or whenever Pafcal is getting dry 

• Need humidifying/misting if temperature is too hot 


Pot: 8cm (W) by 8cm
Plant with Pafcal: 10cm (W) by 24cm (H)
*plant size may vary by 1-2cm

Price Includes:

1 x S size Pafcal

1 x M size Pafcal

1 x Plant

1 x Glass Pot