[NEW] Pachira "Thin Stem" (M) in Ibis White

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Pachira Aquatica - Thin Stem

Common Name: Money Tree

Origin: Central and South America



• Represents good fortune (health & wealth) 

• ASPCA-certified pet-friendly (if not ingested) 

• Highly-rated as an air-purifier (benzene, formaldehyde) 


Maintenance Requirements:

• Prefer bright light but can grow partially shaded with enough lighting 

• Avoid direct sunlight to avoid leaf scorching 

• Water every 3-4 days, or whenever Pafcal is getting dry


Price Includes:


  • 1 x M size Pafcal

  • 1 x Plant

  • 1 x Pot (Ibis White)

Pot Dimension:

Opening Diameter: 10.3cm

Base Diameter: 7.7cm

Height: 10cm