Codiaeum variegatum 'Bush On Fire' (M) in Glass Pot

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Croton - Codiaeum Variegatum

Common Name: Bush on Fire


About the Plant   


  • Grows well in humid conditions
  • Bright red and green foliage, hence commonly known as the "bush on fire"  


Maintenance Requirements:  

• Prefers bright to full sunlight   

• Water whenever Pafcal is getting dry

• Appreciates a gentle mist occasionally 


Price includes:

  • 1 x Plant in M-size Pafcal

  • 1 x M Glass Pot


Pot: 8cm (W) by 8cm (H)

Plant in Pafcal; 12cm (W) by 18cm (H)

*plant size may vary by 1-2cm